Travel Stories

A Great Checklist For Moving Abroad

It is a difficult task moving across town. But, moving to a different country is daunting, to say the least….

How to deal with your luggage going missing when abroad

It’s every traveller’s worst nightmare – losing your luggage whilst on holiday. Thankfully, it isn’t the end of the world….

The Gall and Gallantry of Gents

It was around 8.30 or so at night and we were in the STŘEDOVĚKÁ KRČMA U KRÁLE BRABANTSKÉHO. Perhaps one…

Measuring a year with odd jobs and random eccentricities

If someone were to personify my 2016, she’d be a truck stop waitress with big dreams of making it as…

*NEW SERIES* Behind the Blog: Travel Blogger Interviews

This is a safe space. Welcome to the cheapest psychotherapy session for wayward wanderers. It is not your generic travel…

First World Flush

Should the rest of the world play catch up with North America’s Toilet Habits? We were on a crammed public…

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